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Villa Beatrice bears the name of a saint, the Blessed Beatrice, who lived here between 1221 and 1226. On the place of the villa stood at that time a small monastery, previously inhabited bu hermeits. Beatrice descended by the illustrious Estensi family, which before moving to Ferrara, had many lordship in Este and in the territory of  Padua. Beatrice took vows initially in the small monastery of Santa Margherita of Salarola, between Monte Castello and Monte Cero, but after about a year and a half, more precisely in 1221, she moved to Gemola, where she readjusted the remains of a primitive abandoned convent. Here she lived with her companions with great religious fervor, until when tuberculosis led her to death in 1226. The fame of her holiness spread rapidly in the region and the monastery was the subject, throughout the thirteenth century, of generous offers and bequests.
In 1576 the religious of the monastery of Gemola have been transferred to Padua and the remains of Beatrice have been moved in the Church of St. Sophia. After a period of neglect, the convent in 1657 it turned by a Venetian merchant properties. At this era dates the conversion of the monastery into a  villa, accommodation subsequently not changed, except for the old cemetery area, largely devastated on the beginning of the current century, following the construction of the barn. The restoration of the monument promoted by Public Authority in the seventies and eighteis was precede by extensive research that allows today to catch a glimpse, inside the villa, traces of the ancient moastery. Curently some rooms on the ground floor of the villa have been allocated to the nature section of the provincial musuem. Here the aspects of vegetation and wildlife of the Euganean Hills and the surrounding plains are outline.

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