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Esapolis is the first major Italian Museum or insects that regularly hosts live animals. Going to esapolis, visitors can discover all the secrets of entomology and of the universe in which insects of our planet live.
What can you see? He historical silk collections, tools for creating silkfrom silkworm, the research equipment on silkworm, tissues, silkworm at work, live bees and all transactions with which we can produce various products from their work. Is allowed to visit the section dedicated to naturalists where you can discover the great entomologists and their technical studies and collection and temporary exhibitions photo-living of the two great nature photographers.
At theend of December 2013, Esapolis inaugurated a new exhibition area called “The 7 Wonders of theInsect World”, that consists: the “Jewel Beetles” from tropical jungles, from Australia the “Lucanus Cervus” most beautiful on the planet, from Emerald forests of Central America the “Gold and Silver Beetles”, from Papua “Calodema”, the rarest gem with 6 feet, “Paradise Butterflies”,  “Imperial” and “Gloria” of Bhutan .
Holidays visitors can make extraordinary interactive experiences through the tactile laboratories. To schools there are dedicated exciting workshops where students can get a feeling for some particulars animals, or discover the climate of ancient mills.
Thanks to the European project MUS.NET., Esapolis offers visitors innovative sensory experiences: a welcome video, the nice and engaging three-dimensional game "Color and soul", and the "Museum in your pocket" application to help adults understand secrets of nature and children to learn through play.
The Museum is run by the Butterfly Arc association.

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Information and reservation:
Phone:  + 39 049 8910189


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