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This phrase sums up very well the vital role of the Medical School of Padua in the context of the European universities in the fifteenth and sixteenth century and beyond.

Basis of this insight, Province of Padua has promoted the restoration of the former Hospital San Francesco Grande-First Hospital of Padua, active from 1416 to 1789 – to house a museum that enhances the historical memory of the past that has enlightened with its medical knowledge throughout Europe.

The innovative Historical Museum of the Medicine of Padua (MUSME) was inaugurated June 5, 2015.

Keeping its balance Past and Future, it combines History and Technology. Among ancient artifacts, interactive exhibits and multimedia games, it tells the story of the Medical chool of Padua, explaining the secrets of the Human Body in the order of which they were revealed in the course of the centuries.

Hall A: history of the former Hospital San Francesco Grande

Hall B: University of Padua and the Scientific Revolution of the fifteenth century

Room C: Anatomy: Medicine's answer to the question “How is Human Body made?”

Room D: Physiology: Medicine's answer to the question “How does Human Body work?”

Room E: Pathology: Medicine's answer to the question “How does Human Body fails?”

Hall F: Therapy: Medicine's answer to the question “How can be treat the Human Body?”

Anatomical Theatre Vesaliano – Lessons of Anatomy and Physiology for young and adults on a model of 8 meters human body long.

For its strong multimedia connotation MUSME addresses to everybody offering an exhibition that adapts to the visitor: the playful storytelling for toddlers to deep scientific investigation for scholars. In particular, it lends itself very well to learning activities for schools.

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